will cbse fail any student 2022

cbse fail

Will CBSE Fail any Student 2022

CBSE has announced a new rule regarding class 10th Students who have appeared in 2022 board exam.  As per this rule set by CBSE no students have to repeat a year if he/she fails in any of elective subjects like Science, Social Science and Mathematics. The skilled subject which is offered as sixth subject will replace the other subject in result in which the students have failed. 

Will cbse fail any student 2022 Big Question

So on the basis of these five subject result marks and percentage will be calculated. This rule was welcomed by Teachers, Students and parents. CBSE 10th Results to be out by End June or First week of July 2022. students need to pass overall Both term 1 and 2 along with internal assessment.

What is the Passing Marks ?

his year CBSE board has introduced a two-term formula for class 10th board exam where academic year was divided into two terms 1 term and 2nd term, each term covering 50% of the syllabus.

Although the 10th result 2022 final result consists of two terms and internal assessment student must have to pass the exam in totality. Therefore the final result will be based on term 1, term 2 and internal assessment marks. students need to score 33% marks to pass the subject.

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